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  Coal Chemical Engineering Technology
  By way of technological introduction, integration and proprietary R&D, CNCEC has mastered almost all the coal gasification technologies in the world and a group of patents and know-how on clean use of coal such as secondary transformation of high-density CO process approach,process of producing synthetic gas by pressurizing and catalyzing to make the heat-exchange coke oven gas partially oxidized, cooling, condensation and separation process of producing DME from synthetic feed gas with one-step approach, separation device and method of producing low-carbon olefin gas products by transforming methanol and DME, the method of fluid bed catalyzing and cracking to produce propylene and its reactors, multi-nozzles opposite coal slurry gasification etc. These achievements have helped to provide technological support to China's energy strategy adjustment.
  Phosphate &Compound Fertilizer Engineering Technology
  CNCEC has rich experience of design and construction in sulphuric acid, phosphoric acid and ammonium phosphate projects. By undertaking and leading dozens of key scientific and technological projects on major technological equipments such as pyrite-based sulphuric acid plant, double-cell phosphoric acid production process, large-scale phosphoric acid complete equipment etc. which have been listed in the state Eighth, Ninth and Tenth Five-year technological plans, CNCEC has mastered engineering technologies with proprietary intellectual property rights and laid solid foundations for the technological innovation and industrialization of China??s phosphate fertilizer industry.
  Nitrogenous Fertilizer (Synthetic Ammonia, Urea) Engineering Technology
  As a leader in domestic nitrogenous fertilizer engineering technology such as synthetic ammonia, urea etc. for a long time, CNCEC has built most of the domestic ammonia and urea projects, of which the biggest scale for synthetic ammonia is 500,000t/a and the one for urea is 800,000t/a. 
  Soda Ash and Chloralkali Engineering Technology
  CNCEC is the main workforce of the soda ash and chloralkali engineering construction in China. The engineering technologies we owned have already been on the leader position in our country, and enjoy great business integrity in domestic and overseas market.
   Organic Chemical  Engineering Technology (Including Petrochemical industry)
  CNCEC has completed a large quantity of technology development, design and construction projects in the fields of organic chemical (petrochemical) for producing synthetic ester, synthetic rubber, synthetic fiber and plastic etc by means of introduction of technology, integration of innovation, research and development,that has made CNCEC in the leading position in China for many years.
  Gas Chemical Industry Engineering Technology
  CNCEC is the main workforce of undertaking the natural gas to methanol, ammonia synthesis and acetylene technological development, design and construction in China as well as one of the gas chemical industry technology founders in China.
  Fine Chemical and New Material Engineering Technology
  Ever since a long time ago, CNCEC has continuously devoted to the research of fine chemistry industry and new material engineering technology such as titanium pigment, dope, organosilicone,  organofluorine , as well as polysilicon. Furthermore CNCEC has always stood on the very front of the industry development and undertaken a majority of the engineering construction projects in this domain in China.
  Environmental Engineering Technology
  CNCEC has brought about great attention to the environmental protection development research, by possessing an exquisite professional design research team. This team has completed hundred of research subjects which are related to water treatment; has participated in many key scientific and technological projects on the provincial ,ministerial  and national level; has tackled many technical problems like high saliferous waste water, calcareousness waste water, PTA waste water, acrylonitryl-orlon waste water treatment and industry incineration. At the same time, CNCEC has developed 15 environmental engineering technologies independently such as high concentrated organic wastewater, A/O treatment, orlon industry wastewater treatment , high concentration cyanogens sewage disposal, membrane method sewage disposal and its recycling, and industrial hazardous waste incineration, and some of them became patent technologies and obtained 24 technological progress prizes awarded by different authorities like the State, province and the Ministry. CNCEC has broad influence in the field of industrial sewage treatment .
  Rubber Processing, Design and Manufacture Technology
  CNCEC has undertaken the majority of engineering design of tire and rubber production factories in China and has made research and developed a set of rubber manufacturing machinery equipment which has filled the gap in China and come up to the international congeneric products level. More than 70 engineering design and equipment development projects have been awarded national prize, the provincial and ministerial level rewards, municipal level excellent design award or science and technology progress award. Geotechnical Engineering Prospecting Technology
  CNCEC's geotechnical engineering investigation technology, geologic hazard evaluation and environment assessment ability have been in leading position in China.
  Construction and Installation Technology
  CNCEC has an experienced and fully reinforced technology construction and installation team, which has the ability to undertake large scale construction engineering. CNCEC has constructed and built most of the coal chemical, chemical and petrochemical projects in China.
  Engineering Project Management Technology
  CNCEC has the ability of carrying out single project (PROJECT), combined project (PROGRAME), complexity project (COMPLEXTY), and uncertainty project (UNCERTAINTY). CNCEC is one of the earliest companies to execute EPC (Engineering Procurement and Construction) projects by adopting advanced project management procedure. In addition, CNCEC has developed IPMS (Integrated Project Management System) independently in the 1990s.