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  1. Party organization and Party members' status

  1.1 Basic status of the Party organization
  CNCEC head office and its subsidiaries (including second and third grade subsidiaries) have 117 Party committees, 61 Party general branches, 612 Party branches altogether, of which 2 Party committees and 23 Party branches are supervised by the State Assets Administration Committee, 18 Party committees of the subsidiaries are supervised by local governments.
  1.2 Basic status of the Party members
  CNCEC has 11740 Party members altogether, of which 3246 are female, 9983 are at work, 2435 are workers, 7203 are retired or early retired, 554 are among the others. Party members at head office or branches in Beijing amount to 538, of which 232 are at work.

  2. Status of the Labor Union
  Openness of corporate affairs (abbreviated as OCA below) implementation scheme at CNCEC head office
  According to the spirit of Notice about Deeply Carrying out the Openness of Factory Affairs System of State-owned Enterprises, Collective Enterprises and Their Controlling Enterprises (No.13, 2002) published by the General Office of the CPC Central Committee and the General Office of the State Council and the serials of indicative spirit conveyed by the State-Owned Assets Supervision and Administration Commission about carrying out openness of factory affairs work among the central enterprises, for the purpose of seriously implementing the Party??s guidelines of depending on the working class heart and soul, fully exerting the extensive workers?? mastership in the reform and development of CNCEC head office, sticking to and improving the corporate democratic management, democratic decision and democratic supervision in the basic form of workers representative assembly, reinforcing Party-masses relationship and cadres-masses relationship, promoting the construction of the Party conduct and of an honest and clean government, fully mobilizing the extensive workers?? initiative and creativity, strengthening management and enhancing economic efficiency across the board, practically implementing OCA work at CNCEC head office, we hereby worked out this scheme.

  2.1 Organization leadership
  2.1.1 Establishing OCA leading team at CNCEC head office Main responsibilities of the leading team
  Leading CNCEC OCA work across the board; studying and deciding on major problems in the work. Leading team members
  Team leader: Mr. Jin Kening
  Deputy team leaders: Mr. Lu Hongxing Mr. Yang Chuanwu
  Other members: Mr. Yu Jinbo Mr. Han Zhihua Mr. Zhao Xianli Mr. Liu Yi Ms. Dun Yilan Mr. Shi Zhiyong Mr. Liao Xuejun Mr. Shi Yuanchao Mr. Diao chunjie Mr. Liu Jiaqiang
  2.1.2 Establishing OCA leading team office at CNCEC head office Main responsibilities of the office
  Working out OCA work plan and scheme, putting forward concrete implementation opinions and suggestions and presenting and reporting status promptly under the leadership of OCA leading team; organizing and developing OCA activity according to the content, mode and procedures designated in the OCA scheme. Office members
  Director: Mr. Yang Chuanwu
  Deputy director: Mr. Miao Wei
  Other members: Ms. Zhang Xiaoguang Ms. Song Lina
  2.1.3 Establishing OCA supervision and assessment team at CNCEC head office Main responsibilities of the team
  Establishing OCA supervision and assessment system, simultaneously supervising its implementation status; receiving and handling the suggestions of the workers, putting forward suggestions on problem solving; supervising the carrying out of the system and making sure of its authenticity and effectiveness. Team members
  Team leader: Mr. Han Zhihua
  Deputy team leader: Mr. Shi Yuanchao
  Other members: Mr. Liuping Mr. Li Jianguo


  2.2 The content of OCA
  All major events should be made public to the workers except for confidential affairs and CNCEC??s technological and business secrets. The specific opened content should be emphasized considering different working stages of the year and point to the keynotes, difficulties and hotspots the workers concern about. The OCA work should revolve around the following four aspects:
  2.2.1 Major problems concerning the vital interests of workers, including the signing and fulfillment of labor contracts; safe production and labor protection measures; pay raise and promotion and distribution scheme of salary and bonus; monetization scheme of housing allocation and its outcome; housing fund management and investing scheme of corporate public accumulation funds and public welfare funds; workers?? medical care expenses; off-job study, position adjustment, professional title assessment; payment of pension insurance, medical insurance, employment injury insurance and unemployment insurance funds etc.
  2.2.2 Problems concerning the construction of the Party conduct and of an honest and clean government, including the execution of the regulation requiring leading cadres to be honest and self-contained; the spending of entertainment expenses; leading cadres?? salaries, bonuses, part-time jobs, subsidies, housing, car using, outfitting and using of communication tools and duty consumption such as expenses on travelling abroad; the case of facilitating their spouses or offspring in doing business and establishing enterprises; the employment, layoff, assignment and degradation of middle-ranking cadres and people holding important positions and the outcome of democratic appraisal of leading cadres by workers representative assembly.
  2.2.3 Major and difficult problems in CNCEC head office??s reform, including the reform and system revamping scheme; restructuring and consolidation agreements; leasing and contracting contracts; auction and selling methods of assets and equipments; corporate merger and bankruptcy scheme; worker??s layoff, post-waiting, settlement and early retirement measures and dissolve labor contracts by agreement.
  2.2.4 Major problems in production and operation management, including production and operation guideline and development strategy; annual and medium-and-long term development plan; introduction and transformation plan of major technologies; financial budget and final settlement and distribution of after-tax profits scheme; establishment of important rules and regulations and remedy and implementation of economic responsibility system; assets mortgages, external guarantees and use of large scale funds; bid invitation and procurement scheme of major investment and infrastructure projects and relevant goods and raw materials and its implementation status; difficulties, problems, profits and losses that the head office confronts and its countermeasures.

  2.3 The modes of OCA
  2.3.1 Workers representative assembly is the basic mode of OCA. Major problems should be submitted and reported to the workers representative assembly for scrutiny, approval and decision.
  2.3.2 Publication and disclosure through the workers assembly, middle-ranking cadres?? conference and document releasing.
  2.3.3 Probe into other modes of openness in practical work.

  2.4 The procedures of OCA
  The OCA office suggests the content and mode of openness according to the annual work schedule of CNCEC head office and workers?? opinions and reports to the OCA leading team for approval. Then relevant departments make the approved and confirmed content public. In the process of publication, authenticity and integrity of the content should be guaranteed.

  2.5 The supervision and inspection of OCA
  2.5.1 The OCA leading team should strengthen the organization and leadership of OCA work; prepare for, inspect, analyze, summarize, study and solve promptly all kinds of problems in OCA work; lead the OCA work to develop in a healthy and orderly way.
  2.5.2 The OCA work should be reported annually to the worker representative assembly as an important part of CNCEC head office??s administrative report.
  2.5.3 The OCA supervision and assessment team should pay attention and listen to the suggestions of workers about OCA work; inspect the status of openness readily, remedy promptly the acts of concealing from higher authority and deceiving lower authority and falsification; organize workers to assess the OCA work and publish the outcome.

  2.6 The remedy scheme hereof will be carried out on the date when it is approved by CNCEC Party and administration joint conference. The previous openness of factory affairs implementation scheme at CNCEC head office (published by CNCEC general Party committee, No. 30, 2002) will become invalid on the execution date of this remedy scheme.