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Focus on education
Help to Realize Dreams of the Poor Students
As a company where intellectuals are concentrated, we deeply know the importance of knowledge, the group company has carried out a series of activities to aid education. For example, in order to support the poor students of Sichuan province, the Party Committee branch of the Utility Engineering Department in Chengda Engineering Co., Ltd (Chengda) which belongs to the CNCEC group performed the flame planning in Dec 2005, the objects of this planning are Jiulong middle school in Linshui county and Xiaozhong primary school in Xingping town of the Guangan city, Sichuan province. The Party Committee branch has not only disbursed the tuition fees before every term and sent some letters full of expectations and inculcations, but also sent some representatives of the party members to Guangan to collect the studying and living information of these students.

         CCP Members of Utility Engineering Department and the students who received the supports

CCP Members of Utility Engineering Department and the students who received the supports
In August 2007, in order to provide a safe and stable study environment for the students, the company contributed to make maintenance of the dormitory building of Guogai primary school in Daisi town, Zigong city.
Focus on the construction of the new socialist countryside.
A pair of helping hands 
to Baihua village, Diaoyuan town, Luojiang county.
On 22th May 2007, another important page was added to the records of assistance to Baihua village, Diaoyuan town, Luojiang country, the ceremony for the completion of pump  irrigation station in Baihua village which was financed and constructed by Chengda. By responding to the request of Sichuan Provincial Committee and the Provincial Government about Company to help a countryside, CCP member to help a family,  Baihua village is the aiming object of Chengda to help to develop. In last year, in order to realize the purpose of culture to prosper rural area, economy to develop countryside in Baihua village, Chengda has contributed a lot of manpower and wealth to help Baihua to make the constructing planning and adjust the industry structure, to build the science and culture activity room, to visit the low welfare families and the hard up families during the spring festival, to send fertilizer during the farming season. The completion of the pump irrigation station will solve the problem of water supply for more than 400 mu fertile land. This is the convincing witness of the company to support the construction of the new socialist countryside, as well as that to serve the society along with  the development of the company.
      On 11th September 2007, in order to support the information-based construction of the rural area, Chengda donated 30 computers to Diaoyuan town, Luojiang county to accelerate the information-based construction of the town middle school and town government. The donation is just one part of Chengda?? s contributions to help the town to accelerate the realization of informationization, to train personnel, to learn knowledge and technology through the website so as to develop the new countryside. 

The ceremony of the completion of pump irrigation station
 in Baihua county Financed by Chengda

Computers donated by Chengda to schools of Diaoyuan town
Participate in the public welfare

In 2006, 2006 China Badminton Masters Cup was sponsored by Chengda.
In 2007, on the purpose of enlarging the influence of pingpong activities and enhancing the pingpong athletics level of Anhui, the Anhui Pingpong Masters club was founded by East China Engineering Science and Technology Co., Ltd (ECEC) which belongs to CNCEC group together with the pingpong team of Anhui Provincial Sports Administration. They also jointly held the East China Science and Technology Cup, the first session Hefei associate sports meeting which was the largest in size and participates in Hefei history, this sports meeting has pushed forward the development of the national setting-up activities.
In 2008, aiming to develop the traditional ethnic culture, an agreement of economy and culture cooperation was signed between ECEC and Anhui Provincial Huangmei Opera Troupe, it was useful for the spreading of this traditional opera throughout China and the dispreading of Huangmei Opera??s new beams.