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  CNCEC as the leading company in the project has developed the 30,000t/a FMTP industrial test devices together with Qinghua University and Anhui Huaihua Group Co.Ltd. The project is located in Huainan, Anhui province and expected to be finished in the first half of 2009. Instead of using fixed bed reactors as predominantly used around the world,  Fluid bed reactors will be adopted to produce propylene, which can enlarge the adjustment range between the output of ethylene and propylene and has better technological index than MTP technologies introduced from abroad. The project can provide technology resource and process package for the million tons of FMTP production unit (economical scale of industrial production).
  Large-scale MDI production technology
  MDI as an important kind of raw materials for polyurethane is mainly used to produce polyurethane rigid foam and also widely used to produce polyurethane synthetic leather and fabric coating, shoe bottom stock solution, polyurethane adhesive, polyurethane coating and polyurethane elastomer etc. Currently, the downstream industries have strong demand for MDI, but the MDI production technology has been lagging behind in China and small-scale production devices cannot meet the domestic demand. In view of this situation, Hualu Engineering and Technology Co., Ltd. of CNCEC has closely cooperated with Yantai Wanhua Group to innovate on the previous process. Taking the design of large-scale MDI production devices as a special example, the companies has endeavored to make innovations and adopted many new technologies which has brought MDI production technology in China onto the world??s advanced level. This technology was awarded ??2008 State Science and Technology First-Class Prize??.
  Polysilicon technology
  In recent years, due to the fast increasing of the demand for polysilicon by integrated circuit and photovoltaic solar energy industries, the domestic polysilicon products are in great short supply. Chengda Engineering Corporation of CNCEC has depended on its own technological development advantage and cooperated with science and research institutions to study systematically and primarily on the chemical units of polysilicon devices such as chlorine hydride synthesis by pressurization, trichlorosilane synthesis, rectification exaction and to make integrated and optimized innovation on engineering projects. Now the companies have had their own process packages and engineering technologies, including the process package of single serial 500t/a and 1,500t/a polysilicon full system production technology which has been applied in the design of  several polysilicon units. At present, the process package technology of single serial 3,000t/a polysilicon, which has the biggest single serial production capability in China and a considerable scale around the world, is also in development