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  Talent Strategy
  Under the direction of the scientific concept of talent, CNCEC has insisted on thriving business by talent personnel and developing company by technology. CNCEC has created a good environment and development space for talent with special enterprise culture. At the aspects of talent recruit, selection, training, encourage, restriction and assessing etc. CNCEC continually exploit and innovate to strongly build a talent advantage new platform in the knowledge economy era, to gradually build scientific human resource management system.
  CNCEC put forward the principle of employing persons not stick to one pattern but on the base of open, equal, competition and choosing the best. CNCEC will put any person, who can exert potential ability and wisdom with genuine ability, in a very important position. CNCEC has formed a good atmosphere of respecting for talent and knowledge and fair competition.                                                                                                            
  Every talent can put the ability to good use to achieve ambition. We welcome more insight talents to join us to create more promising future.
  Human resources training
  CNCEC has always been insisting on human resources that is the first resource and valuable fortune for sustainable development. In order to maximize the enterprise value and to promote employee integrated development, training is the necessary means of human resources development and important booster for implementing CNCEC??s strategy. 
  Insisting on the training concept of people oriented, education oriented, we set down training program and implementation plan. Headquarters and subsidiaries set down detailed training plan every year and adopt relevant training content and means according to different sorts, levels, and specialties of different post. CNCEC is in charge of training the high level management personnel, including technician and operation staff. The subsidiaries are in charge of training other employees.
  CNCEC has dedicated to build study-type team and study-type enterprise, the training is an integrative part  of employee development and it is the employee??s right and duty to study and accept training.
  There are relevant trainings in different development stage with, including on-post training, ideological standard training, job knowledge and ability training, post qualification training, special training etc. We adopt many kinds of trainings such as integrating the long term and short term, on the job and off the job, domestic and abroad, theory and practice etc., and select some excellent people to be trained, to inspect and interchange in the domestic and abroad universities, scientific research institutes and enterprises.
  CNCEC has brought about emphasis on training pertinence and actual effect,  career training and quality advancement, provide training opportunities for stuff, continually widen training channels, optimize training resources, open many kinds of training courses, staff obtain the whole life benefit during study. CNCEC encourages staff to have self-development, using leisure time to take part in training and study, upgrade self technical level to meet the company??s development.
  CNCEC has made efforts to build wide platform for staff training and development, gradually perfect the staff training system and ensure all kinds of training to be carried out effectively under good organization, system, spending and teachers etc. CNCEC has also created a good development environment for all kinds of talents, focusing on the virtuous cycle of talent training, selection, and usage, to open a channel for staff self-development and career promotion.