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  CNCEC, the Group Corporation, has possessed total assets amounted to 26 billions yuan RMB and about 60 thousand staffs, among that, 20 thousand are professional engineers and senior management personnel, including 10 academicians of China Engineering Academy and engineering masters, 500 experts enjoying government special subsidies for forming a technology intensive construction group and 6000 professionals were certified and registered as National Grade A engineers by concentrating main manpower of prospecting, engineering and construction. CNCEC has been equipped with modern soft ware by integrating production with management, has capability to perform global procurement of equipment and material, has been available to make financing and can provide different services as planning, technical consultation, investment, engineering design, procurement, construction, supervision, instruction to commissioning and start-up for projects in modes like EPC, PMC, BOT etc. CNCEC's core business is to deal with engineering construction and related services in the fields of chemical, petrochemical, power, infrastructure and environmental protection. By following the development strategy of ��Engineering Basing, Technology leading��, CNCEC has completed a number of projects in power, construction, environment protection, pharmaceutical, machinery, light industry and textile etc and has built up a great number of chemical or petro-chemical bases including Jilin, Dalian, Taiyuan, Nanjing and Lanzhou, etc. for paving the foundation of national industrial system. CNCEC has contributed his great efforts for improving and increasing technical level of China petrol and chemical industries, has blazed a way in exportation of complete set by general contracting of international project, whose business has spread over 40 countries and areas with good business integrity. And in 2008, CNCEC ranked 126 among 500 strongest Chinese enterprises. Since 1995, CNCEC has been listed in ENR (American Engineering News Record) as one of the largest contractors among global 225 entrepreneurs. In 2007, CNCEC ranked 12 among 60 Chinese strongest enterprises assessed by . CNCEC has been awarded prizes more than 1200 by the State and/or provincial government. CNCEC has possessed more than hundreds of patents, technical know-how and scientific achievements, and has kept domestic leading position in process, engineering and project management, in 2006, entered in the first testing group of innovative enterprises, in 2008 was formally named as one of the first group of enterprises as and in 2007, was defined as council chairman unit of The Strategic Alliance to Blaze Trails of New Coal (Energy) Chemical Technology by the Scientific Technical Ministry of the State.